Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Movie Review: 'Pineapple Express' Is Gay

In the last couple years I've reached two conclusions about film that, because contrary and superior to all prevailing views, I push really hard. The first is that Tom Cruise makes indisputably awesome movies. You don't recall? Here, let me remind you: 'Risky Business', 'A Few Good Men', 'The Firm', 'Minority Report' - the list goes on, my friend. Personally, I like 'Jerry McGuire'; for my money, it's the type of feel good cinema that comes around two, maybe three times every decade.

My second conclusion is that 'Superbad' is not that funny. Since most people think it's not just every bit of funny, but downright hilarious, I've developed a healthy indignation toward Judd Apatow; I now see all of his movies in the theater just to confirm how right I am. My main feeling about 'Superbad' is that it has some funny moments, but sits well below its obvious inspiration, 'American Pie', which remains the gold standard of comedic coming of age films. As for 'Pineapple Express', it has funny moments too; but it's not that funny. For that reason, it's gay.

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A said...

ok you're on point about the superbad thing, which is at best, exaggerated toilet humor, but Tom Cruise????!?!?! He is perhaps the most notoriously bad actor of all time! Save Cocktails, which was a solid movie only becuase of Elizabeth Shue and the other guy ( and because of our personal drinking habits), his other movies are either painful to watch or cool at best. Note that in every movie that you listed, Tom Cruise is NOT A GOOD ACTOR. His cheeky, overly-dramatic facial expressions, coupled with his completely unrealistic and exaggerated emotional outburst are telltale signs that he is a bitch.

Recognize and stop riding his jock