Friday, 26 September 2008

Presidential Debate

Lord knows I love me some PBS, and my man Jim Lehrer, the debate moderator, did not disappoint. Not having any of it from the get, he made Obama and McCain squirm during the opening segment for what seemed like an unremitting twenty minutes. In his no frills, but not overbearing, old-school sort of way, Lehrer repeated the same question on the financial crisis like four times almost word-for-word, unsatisfied with the nonsense answers both candidates first offered up. Basically, he pooh-poohed those initial answers, even pooped on them a little, but in an encouraging way that brought out more candid responses and made the debate worthwhile.

Here's the question I asked myself most times Obama spoke: Who sincerely believes, at this very moment, that John McCain is not being proverbially stole in the face by a litany of solid answers? According to a post-debate poll, a majority of undecided Americans reacted similarly.

An amazing interview with Sarah Palin. And Matt Damon cutting up deadpan: "It's like a really bad Disney movie...It's like 'Oh, I'm just a hockey mom from Alaska' and she's the president...I mean, does she really, I need to know if she really thinks dinosaurs were here 4,000 years ago." Ha!

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